Watches – The New Trend


A new trend this year is watches. When you hear watches, you usually will not think of a trend of any sort. However, this year it has become a trend. Watches have slowly become a trend as smaller and smaller devices that can be worn around your wrist have started appearing on the market. Just to put it out there, watches are not only for men. Women can also wear watches. There are actually a lot of very fashionable watches for women and many watches were seen on fashion runways. For all you trend followers out there, this is the article for you. Continue reading to find out how to style watches.

Here is a little tip. When you wear watches, do not wear something too casual. Wear something more sophisticated and put together in order to match the watch.

1. Fit Plaid Shirts

First and foremost, plaid shirts, but they cannot be the slouchy oversized ones. They must be fitting plaid shirts. Plaid shirts are a great way to wear with watches. Tucking one in a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans will definitely go well with a nice watch around your wrist. If the center of your outfit is the watch, it would be a great idea to roll up the sleeves in order to showcase your watch. Also, carry along a purse that has a bit of the color of your watch. Therefore, it would match and look much nicer.