Top 5 Fall 2014 Trends


Fall is just right around the corner and a huge thing about fall is obviously the fashion. Fashion is a very great way to connect with people. It is a very universal ‘language’. In addition, fashion also describes a lot about yourself, who you are, your personalities, style, etc. It is no doubt that people base a lot of what they wear in what they see in magazines or in run way fashions shows and that is not a bad thing. Trends are what they say they are: trendy. Therefore, people will want to follow these trends and buy what we call the ‘new big thing’. As a result, to help you out with the upcoming new season, here are the top five fall trends.

1. Military Jackets

This is a classic fall piece, military jackets. This jacket is a necessity for fall. It basically works for anyone, of any size or any culture. The neutral military green jacket fits all skin tones. In addition, the drawstring compliments your figure and gives you a leaner taller look. Even better, it actually keeps you really warm. There are military jackets with fur lining so you would not get cold in the fall weather while looking very trendy and put together. Just add a pair of denim skinny jeans and a pair of boots and you are set to go out the door.

2. Combat Boots

Speaking of boots, the next trend is another classic fall piece: combat boots. Combat boots go well with almost any fall outfit and completes it very well. A pair of expensive but nice quality leather combat boots will be a great add on into your shoe collection. Combat boots are very easy to just slip your feet into and go out. The color that is most trendy at the moment are a dark brown color.