Is Reality TV Really “Reality”?


The problem is that there are many small children who may watch these shows. As a result, these shows will mislead the poor little children in to thinking that they need certain things and act a certain way to be cool or be seen as cool. But what is really the definition of cool? It is no doubt that children love to copy what they see on TV into their own lives. The sad thing is that most of these people on the reality TV shows are celebrities and extremely wealthy people. As kids, seeing them with their huge houses and amazing bedrooms, they will, in turn, want those things as well, making them very materialistic.

Others say that people who do these reality shows could not have possibly have acted like themselves with cameras constantly following them. Imagine yourself with a camera constantly following you in your everyday lives. People are very cautious around cameras since they can be kept forever. Therefore, people will act differently and try to keep a very nice image.

Overall, reality shows are for entertainment purposes and are usually not used a role model for what you should be like.

So are reality TV shows really reality? What do you think?