How to Make Money as a Student


2. Make and Sell

Another way that helps you make money is to make your own products and sell them online or to your friends. If you love art, this is definitely a great way for you to easily earn a few bucks. For example, if you love to knit scarves, you can knit a bunch of scarves and advertise and sell them on a certain site. One of the biggest DIY sites is Etsy. By selling your items on a well-known site, there will be a bigger chance that more people will see your products and, in turn, buy it. In addition, ensure that you are quite good and fast at making that product because you never know whenever a whole bunch of people will want to buy your products.

3. Babysit

One of the most common jobs as a student is babysitting, either that be your cousins, sisters or neighbors. It is actually a very good paying job. You don’t necessary need a resume or much experience. All you basically need is trust from the adults that you will make a babysitter. In addition, you get to play with children who are what some people prefer as compared to sitting at an office or standing behind a cashier register.

There are quite a few ways that a student can earn a bit of income from. Just spend a little bit of time each day, and it will soon add up.