Foods to Improve Immune System


Having a strong immune system is very important in having a healthy body. By having a strong immune system, you are much less prone to having diseases, sicknesses and illnesses. Also, you will find yourself being much more alert and less sleepy.

1. Yogurt

Yogurt contains a substance called live active cultures. Live active cultures are a type of healthy bacteria. Do not get scared by the word bacteria. Surprisingly, it does miracles to your body. It cleans out your body and removes any harmful bacteria from your system. In addition, yogurt is a type of diary product and contains calcium which helps you get stronger bones. By having stronger bones, it contributes to help improve your immune system.

2. Oats

By having a bowl of milk and oats, it is one of the healthiest breakfasts ever. Oats is a very healthy food. They barely need any chemicals to help grow so pesticides and herbicides will most probably not be found in oats. In addition, oats are very high in fiber which greatly helps improve your immune system.