3 Fun and Healthy Snack Options


2. Apple and Raisin Sandwiches

For this snack idea, we will be making apple sandwiches. Basically, this is replacing the bread of a normal sandwich with apples and between the two apples placing raisins or other types of fruits if you don’t like raisins. First, cut up your apple vertically so that you have round slices. After doing that, cut out the core in a circular motion which turns the apple into the shape of a bagel. Then, using peanut butter spread some across two pieces of apples. For the peanut butter, choosing the less sugar would be much healthier. Then, place some raisins on one of the apple slices and place the other slice on top. This tastes absolutely amazing and is very easy to make.

3. Tomato and Cheese Crackers

Eating just plain crackers can sometimes get very boring and bland. As a result, for this snack idea, we will be making tomato and cheese crackers. As the name says, this would involve placing tomatoes and cheese on the crackers to make it healthier and tastier. Take some cherry tomatoes and cut them in half. Next, melt your cheese so that it makes a paste for the tomatoes to stick onto the crackers. After that is done, spread some cheese onto a cracker and place a few cut tomatoes on it.

As you can see, all three of these healthy snack alternatives are very quick and easy to make yet they taste amazing! If you are trying to cut down on snacks, make these healthy snack ideas in smaller portions and just limit yourself to those servings. That will definitely help cut down on your snacking habit.